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Core Bites

What Are Core Bites?

Core Bites are one hundred eighty daily math warm-ups which align with the
Common Core State Standards. Each warm-up contains one question/problem
each domain. The questions are written so that they spiral through the
standards associated with that domain.

Core Bites are grade specific and are available for the Second through the Eighth

Core Bites spiral through the standards so that content will not become stale before
end of year testing.

Core Bites are available in two versions:
   PowerPoint 2010 Viewer CD
  • 180 Daily Warm-ups
  • 12 Tests
  • Click Mouse For The Answers To Scroll In
  • Includes PDF Files For Printing
  • Requires PowerPoint 2010 Viewer And Adobe Reader
  • 180 Daily Warm-Ups
  • 12 Tests
  • Answers May Be Projected
  • Printable
  • Requires Adobe Reader

Core Bites were created for teachers to be used as an educational tool in the
classroom. They are
not sold to individuals and must be shipped to educational
                               Taking A "Daily Bite" Out Of The Common Core State Standards!
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